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One-time listing fee (per item)

Full Seller Protection Program

Free Shipping & Insurance Included

Keep 80% of Gross Sale Price

Real Bridal Experts Here to Help

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Full insurance coverage is included for any items shipping from or within the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands.


In the unlikely event your item is damaged or lost during transit and UPS does not find it after completing an investigation, POWD will refund the buyer and pay you as if the dress was kept.

Buyers simply click "Buy This Item" and checkout through our secure integrated payment system.


POWD holds onto the payment until your buyer receives their item in the expected condition. Then, we send you an email walking you through our payment options.


Buyer's also have the option to Buy Now, Pay Later. You get paid in full and your buyer gets her dream dress to fit within her budget!

From the moment you list to the moment your buyer receives her item, our specialized bridal support team is here to help. We'll walk you through every step of the listing, sale, and shipping processes, and act as the mediator if any issues arise with your buyer.


In addition to our extensive Help Center, you can email our support team with any questions you may have.

Avoid scammers with our secure integrated chat inbox. From your POWD inbox you can send pictures, videos, and messages, or even arrange a video call without ever needing to share personal information. We monitor our chat to ensure both buyer and seller safety.

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I’m so glad I found POWD! I never could have reached such a wide audience on any other site and am very pleased with my sale. I would definitely recommend this site to friends and family!

Anne G.

Sold in 2022

I want to applaud your direct customer service -- your response time, follow-up, and thoughtfulness that went into each email was nothing short of excellent and calming. Thank you!

Christina M.

Sold in 2023

Your customer service, from start to finish, was fantastic. You remedied a stressful situation with kindness and grace. Thank you for everything!

Nicola J.

Sold in 2022

Preowned really cares about the safety of the sellers as well as the buyers and responded quickly to a question I had about a possible scam. Very impressed with how quickly you acted. Thank you again for your help.

Anette M.

Sold in 2022

Thank you for being so helpful and diligent. I am truly impressed with everyone involved and how smoothly this process went.

Kerri P.

Sold in 2023

Here’s How to Make Your Listing Stand Out

We're here to help you optimize your listing for POWD's internal search and search engines like Google.

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How to Nail Your Dresscription

Think of your wedding dress listing like an advertisement being read by someone who doesn't know anything about your gown. More is always better!

Write about what made you fall in love with your gown. Share why you chose it, what your favorite features are, and what it was like to wear it. Is it really sparkly? Does it have POCKETS? Write about it! Your listing will come up in our search when a bride types those keywords.

Full disclosure is key! Buyers are more likely to keep a dress if they know exactly what to expect.


Review your gown head to toe (yes, take it out of the preservation box) and describe any blemishes you discover like loose beading or threads, gray marks on the hem, missing buttons or broken zippers, etc.


Being transparent about the exact condition of your gown prevents interested buyers from trying to barter your price down, or returning your item due to misrepresentation.


Even dresses that have been professionally cleaned and preserved can sometimes have a missing button or blemishes that were not disclosed before it was sealed.

This one seems obvious, but is the biggest cause of returns and slowing down how quickly you sell. These details influence how POWD's internal search (and Google) display your listing to prospective buyers.


The Designer & Style: Having the correct designer and style name/number for your dress is the #1 way a bride will find your listing. Check the tag, your purchase receipt, call the store, or email us pictures of your gown if you need help!


Alterations & Fit: Prevent returns by having the correct tag size, all alterations noted in detail, correct height (including shoes!), and your measurements if you have them.


Correct Categories: Double-check all your listing details (silhouette, features, style, etc) are correct. Learn more about them here. If a bride is only looking at dresses with pockets, and yours has them but doesn't say so, your dress won't come up as an option! Unsure if it is a ball gown or an a-line? Search for your dress online or email POWD to help confirm these important details.

The Best Photos to Share

The first picture on your listing is the one that buyers will see on our internal search, Pinterest, and internet search engines like Google. This is why it is important for your primary picture to be AMAZING at showing off your dress. It should be a full length shot of the front, showing at least from your shoulders down to the hemline. Make sure it has good lighting, nothing blocking your gown (like a bouquet), and is not blurry.


Worried about privacy? Our photo editor has an option to cover your face.


Listings that have clear, good-quality pictures of an actual person wearing the dress sell more successfully than anything else.

Your pictures should show off all the lovely details of your gown. Show the bodice front and back, far away and up close. Add close up shots of your favorite details (gorgeous beading? Intricate lace?) or any blemishes a future buyer should be aware of. Include pictures of the bustle done up and the train spread out.

Say NO to screenshots, watermarks, emoji's covering up faces, group pictures, model/designer images, blurry pictures, poor lighting and multi-photo collages.


Say YES to bright lighting, 1 photo per picture, cropping and covering faces for privacy with POWD's editor tool, original pictures that show a real person wearing the item that you are listing.


Think about what you like to see when you shop online! Your buyer should be able to zoom in and look at the beading, lace, or other gorgeous features in detail.

Resale Made Simple. List Your Dress Now!

Give your preloved (or new!) dress a second chance at life. Selling on POWD is simple and safe.

Pricing Your Wedding Dress Effectively

If you are not sure where you want to start, check out our Wedding Dress Value Calculator.


Or search online for others who have sold the same dress. For example, a Google search for "Vera Wang Eliza wedding dress" brings up multiple listings ranging from $1400 to $4000. Explore these listing to confirm the gown condition and alterations done to see where your gown compares.


Start with a higher asking price if no one else is selling your dress. If there are a bunch of similar listings, consider being more competitive with your pricing if you're looking to sell ASAP.

Your dress doesn't have to be perfect to sell! Be honest about the condition and call it out in the description. Buyers tend to be very accepting of the set price when they see a listing that has pictures of any blemishes (minor or major) on the dress and a detailed description noting the concerns they need to be aware of.


A professionally cleaned dress is more appealing to buyers, sells quicker, and fetches a higher price than one that isn't. If your dress was worn and not cleaned, the buyer has to consider a minimum $200 cleaning cost and has to worry about permanent blemishes.


Dresses that have noticeable (and possibly unfixable) wear and tear should be priced lower in consideration of the reduced value of the dress and possibly the buyers' future cost to repair.


POWD PRO TIP: have your tailor quote the cost of any required repairs and add this to your listing to set expectations and reduce lowball offers.

We know, this is a tough one. If you inflate the listing price with your alterations you may price yourself out of the market and miss out on potential brides.


INCLUDE: in your description, note how much was spent on additions (like adding sleeves, adding a bustle).

Be a Responsive Seller

For sellers based in the US or Canada, add your phone number to your POWD account to get a text message the moment a buyer contacts you or replies to your message.

Not able to get your inquiring buyer what they need right away? Simply send them a quick message so they know you saw it and you're working on getting the information they need.

We're here to help! If you or your buyer have questions, you can email our team or check out our help center for in-depth articles on how buying and selling on POWD works. Be sure to let your buyer know you've connected with our team and will get back to them.

Frequently Asked Questions

List your item, be detailed and include lots of good pictures. Then, wait for interested buyers to contact you with questions, or for an email from POWD letting you know your item sold (and the next steps!).


You do not need to invoice your buyer, nor do you ever need to give any personal details to the buyer to sell your item - we handle it all to make things safe, simple, and secure for everyone!


Your item may sell without the buyer ever contacting you - this is normal, especially if you have a detailed listing with great pictures.


Buyers simply click "buy this item" to add to cart and checkout with POWD's integrated secure payment processing.


In total, you will have up to 9 days to complete POWD's 3 steps (confirm availability, upload box measurements, drop it off at UPS).

Our sellers never pay for shipping or insurance! Your buyer will pay a flat fee upon checkout, and POWD will cover the difference. Simply reuse a box from home or pick one up from UPS or stores like Staples. Insurance is included for any items that ship from or within the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands.

We've got you covered with secure payment processing, integrated chat to talk with interested brides (no need to share any personal information!), 100% insured shipments, detailed guidance and instructions from when you list your gown to when it sells, and our experienced support team there to help you every step of the way.

Your buyer has 72 hours from when she receives her package to confirm it arrived in the expected condition.


This means that when the 72-hour window closes, or your buyer confirms with us that all is well, we’ll connect with you to organize your payment, which is 80% of the listing price, via PayPal, ACH, or check (USA only). If you are a bridal salon, your commission will be 85%.


PayPal is our payment option for sellers located outside of the US.

All items that ship from or within the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands are shipped with insurance (and require a signature!).


If something were to happen to the shipment, such as the item(s) being damaged or lost, we'll open an investigation and work with UPS to find your item. If UPS cannot locate the shipment, POWD will refund your buyer and pay you as if the dress was kept.

Include your measurements on the listing (bust, waist, hips, height). Tallest wearable height = your height plus the shoes you wore.


Call the store that did your alterations and see if they have notes on what was taken in/let out and by how much. If that is not possible, note basic things like "the dress is a size 10 but modified closer to an 8 because my bust/hips only fit the size up, they had to shorten the hem because I am 5'2 and I wore flats/3 inch heels etc".


With all of the above noted in your listing, make sure you discuss this in your communication with potential buyers so they know it is not a true size (X) anymore and that if the dress does not fit, you will not accept a return (if you do not want to have a return policy). Having this conversation is very important.


If all else fails, measure your dress by following these instructions on How to Measure a Dress

Choosing a veil or accessory to go with a bride's wedding dress is an intimate choice. Tastes and style differences may come into play here.


You are welcome to include a veil/hairpiece/slip etc with the sale of your dress, note them in the description and add some pictures as well. Be prepared for buyers to opt-out of buying them. We recommend listing your accessories separately for only a $5.00 listing fee per item to avoid inflating the price of your dress and missing out on potential buyers.


We do not recommend selling shoes with your dress - it is highly unlikely the bride-to-be wanting to buy your dress will both love the style and fit them.

If you do not have pictures from your try-on appointment or wedding day we recommend asking a friend to model it for you (if you cannot model it). If neither are an option, hang your dress on the back of a door inside your home. Make sure the room has bright lighting so that it shows off the color and details of your gown. If you have a dress with intricate details on the skirt, lay it on a freshly made bed and spread out the skirt to take pictures from above. If your dress can still be found on the designer's website, include a link in your description for brides to check out the model images of your dress.

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