Reviews: What Brides Are Saying About Us

Reviews: What Brides Are Saying About Us

  • I happened across after visiting David's Bridal, finding my dream dress for way outside of budget. I decided to take a chance and just Google the style number and this site popped up! They use PayPal, which I like because it protects both seller and buyer. Once I heard back from the seller, it was very quick and easy to purchase the dress! Now just waiting anxiously for it to arrive!

    Paige S., September 2019

  • The whole experience is super easy from beginning to end. Be sure to include lots of real life photos and make sure you price your item right for maximum views!

    Kerry J., September 2019

  • I purchased a dress and then changed my mind on wearing it. It was not returnable to the store, even unaltered. I loved that I was able to sell my dress easily and quickly on So happy my pretty gown went to someone who loves it and will make sweet memories as they start their lives together.

    Mary K., September 2019

  • Thank you for making this a smooth and secure process. Turns out that selling a wedding dress is not as easy as you might think. But I'm grateful I had success selling here on

    Jodi S., September 2019

  • A great site allowing for brides to search for their dream wedding gown at a great price. Allowed for communication through the site which upheld safety and privacy. Thank you.

    Heather W.., September 2019

  • Even though it took longer than I thought, I was able to sell my dress. PreOwned gave great tips on how to structure the selling process for the seller. With good communication with my seller, we both came to an agreement and both of us were satisfied with our transaction. Thank you.

    Angie H.., September 2019

  • preowned wedding dress helped me display my dress easily and efficiently. They also made communication between me and other brides simple, I was so happy to pass on the dress to a beautiful bride!

    Jaime W.., September 2019

  • I was able to find the exact bridesmaids dress I needed on the site after visiting a retail store, saving $80! Seller was extremely responsive and the dress arrived within the week. Will always check this site first for future dresses!

    Meghan H., September 2019

  • Was so easy to post my dress and then wait. I go a much better price then I would have received at consignment store.

    Karen C.., September 2019

  • For any seller, keep in mind to be patient when selling your wedding dress. There is a buyer but you need to find the right one. My dress I sold to a lady in FL, loved my dress and got it for such a steal! This is a great website to buy or sell a wedding dress. And to be able to help someone out on their special day is awesome!

    Michell B.., September 2019

  • Selling my dress on this website was great! Rather than having a dress I used once in my closet forever, I was able to get a little back from what I paid and another lady will get to used it for her event for a lot cheaper than David’s Bridal! Win win! Thanks for having this site available!

    Heidi R.., September 2019

  • Buying my dress on this site was the best decision I could have made as far as purchasing my wedding dress. There are so many good bargains on here and such a huge selection to choose from. It’s crazy Iv’e never heard of this sight before, it’s such a simple concept to sell your wedding dress that you either have only used once or never used at all (depending on the story) to someone else who will fall in love with it and use it on their special day.

    Shantell D., September 2019

  • PreOwned Wedding Dresses made it extremely easy to list and sell my dress, it couldn't have been easier! A lot of other sites took a commission for the dress, so I loved you only have to pay a small fee to list your dress. It sold quicker than I expected so all around it was a great experience! 

    Ashley F.., August 2019

  • A safe and convenient way to sell a bridesmaid's dress while reaching a broader group of serious buyers.

    Courtney C.., August 2019

  • Since this dress was never worn, or altered, there were a couple of areas I was able to stress that. The amount of information collected was perfect and the alerts as to if someone was interested were great.

    Mindy R.., August 2019

  • Sold my veil pretty quickly and easily! It was nice to have a legitimate channel to go through.

    Lauren F.., August 2019

  • The website is incredible and allowed me to connect with the perfect buyer for my wedding dress! I am walking away from the transaction happy that my dress will be worn again and cherished by the new owner.

    Maureen W.., August 2019

  • I sold all of my wedding attire on The experience was easy and I was glad to recoup some of my investment and share my dress, veil, and earrings with other brides!

    Jessica B.., August 2019

  • I was able to sell my wedding dress with ease. Some tips is to sell as early as possible so that the dress is "current". The email conversation with my buyer was really smooth and was thorough.

    Yoko K.., August 2019

  • Love this site! So far I purchased a pre-owned wedding dress and hairpiece on here and I've also sold a different wedding dress on here.

    Lana L.., August 2019

  • My experience was wonderful. My dress is amazing. I do not even have to have it altered. Thank you PreOwnedWeddingDresses for providing the platform for a truly satisfying buying experience!

    Christine H., August 2019

  • Selling my dress on was super easy and hands-off once I got my listing created. I would get text message updates when a buyer sent me a message. I didn’t know how thrilled I would be for another bride to fall in love with my gown or how happy I would be to package it up nicely to send to her. What a special bond to share with a stranger - I feel honored. My dress deserves to be worn again and again and of all the ideas for what to do with your dress after your wedding, this was the best. Send it intact to another bride looking for a gorgeous, perfect gown to call her own. 10/10 experience.

    Angela W.., August 2019

  • Easy to manage listing, loved the text updates when I received messages! Plenty of photo space!

    Rebecca P.., August 2019

  • Super easy and convenient experience. This is my second dress I've sold on this website, and I will continue to use it in the future! 

    Sammie K.., August 2019

  • Great site! I was able to get some money back on bridesmaid dresses that I spent a lot of money on and will never wear again. Easy and simple to navigate! -

    Emily S.., August 2019

  • I was hesitant at first to make any purchases since it was not recommended by anyone I know of. I searched for pre-loved wedding dresses online and came across the site. I gave it a shot based on good reviews. I inquired for several dresses and got quick responses. As for the payment, the transaction was smooth. You can even track order once item is shipped. The dress I ordered was purchased 2015 and it’s still in a good condition. Overall, I would definitely recommend! I am one very satisfied customer (:

    Ann C., August 2019

  • Had a very good experience I would definitely recommend them.It took 5 months to sell my dress but a word to the wise you'll never recoup what you put into it so put it in a reasonable price.

    Janine J.., August 2019

  • It was so easy to list the dress and I’ve recieved a lot of offers and inquiries. It took me a year to sell the dress, but I sold it for a great price and there was no rush.

    Victoria V.., August 2019

  • I was worried I wouldn't make any money back after my friends recently decided to elope instead of doing a large wedding, but I easily sold my bridesmaid's dress within a few days of listing it! This is such a convenient service, and I would consider it for buying in the future too! 

    Tyler A.., August 2019

  • Selling my dress was much easier than I thought it would be. I really appreciated the pricing tool and communication forum with potential buyers offered by the site. The direct link to a paypal charge made things very easy! 

    Marissa W.., August 2019

  • After 11 months, I finally sold my dress. Selling a high-end and high price point dress is very difficult as I realize through this process, therefore patience is key. However I can't emphasize enough to keep re-posting and paying that 5$ fee because it is worth it! The right buyer will find your dress. I am so happy I used this website to sell my dress and to find a new home for it. I will miss my Bella Berta, but I am happy it will now make a beautiful bride happy instead of hanging in my closet.

    Sarah K.., August 2019

  • I felt proud to advertise my gorgeous dress on POWD. The website is professional and very user friendly for both the buyers and sellers. Communication was easy, safe, and I was alerted the moment a message was delivered via text and email from POWD. This allowed me to respond fast, and ultimately sell my dress to another very lucky bride.

    Elaine S.., August 2019

  • Overall, the process is easy and straightforward and it's the best way to get your dress out there and viewed by future brides! I had more hits and inquiries from this site than the other 3 combined.

    Hannah M.., August 2019

  • It was easy and I sold my dress after having no luck selling through Facebook groups. I’m happy to have passed along a dress I loved so much to someone else to make wonderful memories in!

    Olivia F.., July 2019

  • Listing the dress was very easy, there were lots of fields to put in the measurements and info about the dress and any alterations. The dress had good visibility on the site and the process was smooth. One thing that could be improved it the pictures (more space to add pictures or send to potential buyers. I had to delete some and then add new ones to show different things when requested). Overall a good experience.

    Mary C.., July 2019

  • made it easy to sell a dress I'll never wear again. It only took a few minutes to create a listing and was easy to update the listing, interact with potential buyers, and ultimately sell/ship the dress! 

    Avery K.., July 2019

  • I had a very strict budget and with the help of then website I was able to get the dress of my dreams at a very affordable price!

    Courtney R.., July 2019

  • I will definitely recommend selling gowns on this site because of the ease of selling! I also feel its a safer process for both the seller and buyer since we can use PayPal. I feel women are more serious about purchasing gowns on this site then they are on other sites and I was able to sell my gown in only three weeks! I’m very pleased and will use this site again!

    Dawn S.., July 2019

  • I was able to have the perfect wedding dress experience without the stress and anxiety of wedding dress shopping. Super simple and affordable.

    Jessica R., July 2019

  • This website is an excellent platform to sell unwanted wedding dress to the right customer at a fair price. I have enjoyed the experience and ease of the transaction.

    Kristalyn G.., July 2019

  • My name is Cheyenne F and I have had a very easy process selling my dress on this website! The buyer was very nice and easy to work with. The buying process went super smooth and I had the dress paid for and in the mail same day as purchase! 10/10 would recommend

    Cheyenne F.., July 2019

  • Wasn’t sure if this would work, but figured it was worth a shot. I was pleasantly surprised with how quick and easy it was to sell. Told all the other bridesmaids about it as well!

    Leah S.., July 2019

  • PreOwned Wedding dress was fast and easy to list and I sold my dress in 60 days. I would recommend it to everyone.

    Esosa I.., July 2019

  • I was recommended to sell my dress on this website from a friend and I can say that I am truly thankful because I was able to post that dress with all of the details with just a click of a button. I made this selling process easy and painless.

    Leah W.., July 2019

  • made selling my dress super easy. I simply threw together a posting with the help of their price calculator and then waited for people to reach out. The whole experience was rather painless and I would strongly recommend to any other bride looking to pass on her dress :) 

    Jessica B.., July 2019

  • This site is so easy to sell dresses on! They made it easy to post a dress and it was great communicating with people who were interested. I got way more money for my dress than I would have anywhere else and the fee is low and one time. I'm happy to share this dress for another's big day!

    Meghan G., June 2019

  • I had to be patient while waiting for my dress to sell. But patience is a virtue. And selling my dress on this website really paid off.

    Allante B., June 2019

  • I love that there's a dedicated, trusted website available to sell such a special dress. The process was efficient, user-friendly, and I was able to sell my dress to another bride within a month of listing! I was sad to see my beautiful dress go, but very excited to be able to pass it on to another bride that will love it as much as I did. 

    Caitlin W., June 2019

  • I was nervous about paying a fee to list my wedding dress for sale... thinking that I would list it & that it would never sell! It sold within THREE months! I had my dress on Facebook marketplace for 5 years and could not sell it. I couldn’t have been more shocked and more happy!! This is where I bought my wedding dress and now, it’s where I’ve successfully sold my wedding dress! I totally recommend this site!

    Sierra F., June 2019

  • Brides from literally all over the world contacted me about my dress which was neat! Im happy to know my dress is going to get worn again, and a bride out there was able to save some money.

    Laramie N., June 2019

  • I had a friend tell me about this site when I was shopping for my own dress but now I am happy to share my dress to another bride! I found this site to be easy and professional.

    Amanda M., June 2019

  • I was contacted by someone local that saw the dress on this website. She contacted me to come and try the dress on and loved it. She came back one week later and purchased it. Thanks!

    Deb E., May 2019

  • This was the easiest way to repurpose my old bridesmaid dress! I've been carrying it around for a while and only worn it once. This site made the whole process super simple.

    Kalynne M., May 2019

  • was so easy to use! I loved being able to easily search for dresses from specific designers and when I found a dress I loved it was easy to communicate with the seller. The whole process was easy and stress-free - I would definitely recommend using this website to search for your dream dress!

    Sarah M., May 2019

  • I was happy to find a dress I really loved from a bride who was local. We met up and had lunch and I was able to try on the dress. It worked out really well!

    Vikki Z., May 2019

  • This website is fantastic! Great way to repurpose dresses that are in near perfect condition. The site is easy to use and I couldn’t be happier with the process!

    Johanna M., May 2019

  • I was told by a Dutch second-hand-wedding-dress-shop that my dress wouldn't sell in the Netherlands because dutch brides spend less money on their wedding dress. she offered me 7% off the original price and that's the reason I decided to go international. I sold my dress in the US. 

    CF ., May 2019

  • Using PreOwned Wedding helped me sell my bridesmaid dress very quickly. It didn't just share it with local people in by area, but also across the U.S. I will definitely be using this site for another dress I am selling.

    Sara B., April 2019

  • I considered selling my dress but did not know how to go do it. I called a few consignment stores which would have been the easy but they only pay you 50% of what the dress sells for. My seamstress recommended this site and I am so glad I used it! Posting was really easy and after a few months I had a response for a bride a few provinces away that was very interesting. I sent lots of photos and eventually, when she was ready she sent me the asking price with an e-transfer and I mailed her the dress. Great experience!

    Rehanna L., April 2019

  • I had found my perfect dress and then found out it was $800, then I found I found several posts for the dress I wanted and in my size. This website absolutely made my perfect wedding a reality! 

    Christina R., April 2019

  • This was an amazing experience from beginning to end. It was a seamless process I saw the dress that I loved and the communication was fluid between the seller and I. I didn’t have to go through the hassle of visiting a bridal store and shopping for hours. I now have the dress of my dreams.

    Saba I., April 2019

  • I've used other websites to sell items before (i.e., Poshmark, eBay, Tradesy) and none of them had a better listing deal than Seriously, $25 for listing only and no commission?! So glad I stumbled upon this website because I was able to buy AND sell my dress on here easily. I definitely recommend this to anyone.

    Lisa L., April 2019

  • I felt secure buying from this website because there’s many payment options. Selection of dresses are unlimited, every style you can imagine are on this site. Communication with the buyer was easy going and she answered every question I had. My over all experience with the beginning of the process was great!

    Paula V., April 2019

  • My experience was fast and simple, I really enjoyed the email or text notification for customer messages and I had no issues with the selling process, would definitely recommend to my friends.

    Kristyn F., April 2019

  • Such an easy process to list and sell my wedding dress! It was nice to be able to see how much my listing had been viewed so I could tell if I needed to do anything to get more traffic again. My dress sold in 5 weeks so that was amazing! I also really loved the information about the higher likelihood of selling if offering a return policy, which I did. I liked I could add the measurements I was when I had it altered too so someone could know it would fit even though it had been altered.

    Danielle E., April 2019

  • I really loved my wedding dress but I'm also really practical and knew it's not worth keeping to collect dust. I posted my dress up a few months after the wedding and within 4 months I was able to sell it. The first person who purchased it, returned it because it didn't fit. However, a local woman bought it two weeks later and it fit her perfectly! I had a great experience using this site. 

    Maria P., March 2019

  • I've never sold anything online before and didn't even have a PayPal account. was easy to use as I followed the step by step, user-friendly instructions. Better yet my dress sold within 3 days after listing it!

    Catherine L., March 2019

  • I sold my dress in less than 12 hours. Between the quick sale and the discounted listing fee, I'd recommend this service to anyone who wants to lend new life to their dress. It's such a better option than letting it sit in a closet, and I love that I could give a bride an affordable dress! 

    Tierra V., March 2019

  • The entire process was easy and efficient. I found my dream dress with a 60% discount, and it arrived in the mail within a week.

    Jess M., March 2019

  • I listed my dress a few months after my wedding not sure if anyone would be interested in buying it because it was very expensive and had of course been worn once. After only a few months I heard from 3 potential buyers and ended up selling it for 50% of my original price

    Lisa M., March 2019

  • I bought my dress and sold my sister's dress on this site. I am shock to see how many new dresses there are, i bought my dress, it was essentially new for 60% off. I would definitely recommend this site to anyone who is looking to find an alternative way to purchase a wedding dress for a more reasonable cost

    Lisa G., March 2019

  • I found a perfect pre-owned wedding dress with a beautiful family story and history from the original owner. I too have a story of being married for 42 years but never had a wedding ceremony in church. This will be my 60th birthday gift. So I am kinda doing it backward. And I wanted a dress from back in that time period. Also, the seller wanted her dress to go to someone special. We shared stories and pictures and I feel she has become my friend. My wedding is in Hawaii, April 17, 2019.

    Debbie T., March 2019

  • We have been an active seller with, since 2008. PreOwnedWeddingDresses makes it so easy to list and sell to fashion savvy brides that want to wear a quality couture designer wedding dress for their wedding day and staying within their bridal budget. PreOwnedWeddingDresses is a definite, if you would like to sell one or many wedding dresses / bridal accessories and at a great price! 

    Kim H., March 2019

  •  had originally tried to sell the dress myself and that was a definite mistake. Using Pre-owned wedding dress site was easy and it brought only serious buyers for my dress--no scam artist. I would definitely recommend this if you have a dress to sell. You will be happy you did.

    Leigh M., March 2019

  • I found several listings of the same dress, and was happy to find one near my own size, I found the dress in a boutique but far more expensive, this was a lovely surprise.

    Mariah J., March 2019

  •  I was so glad to find this site and learn there was a place for me to sell bridesmaids dresses I no longer needed. I had purchased 2 sizes, and had a BRAND NEW never before worn dress that I couldn't return, and didn't need anymore. The $5 posting fee was well worth the convenience and ease of using this site. When interested buyers messaged me, I could reply directly from my email, and I would also receive a text alerting me, so that was very helpful to make sure I didn't miss anything. Overall, I had a great experience on the site and I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking to sell dresses they no longer need.

    Beeta C., March 2019

  • I sold my Vera wang gown within 6 months on PreOwnedWeddingDresses. Would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to sell their pre-loved gown on this site. The website is easy to navigate, track and it has a high number of brides looking for their dream (pre-loved) dress.

    Tanja B., February 2019

  • I wasn’t sure if my dress was going to sell but I found the experience to be efficient and after 5 serious inquiries, I found a buyer who found the dress to be perfect. I was so happy my amazing dress could make another bride so happy like it did for me.

    Maggie T., February 2019

  • Sold 2 dresses in 3 months using PreOwned. Great that the listing fee is so small compared to other sites that as for a percentage!

    Erica C., February 2019

  • I was so pleased with the selection of dresses on the site and ease of use. It was easy to communicate and receive notifications, I was so thrilled with the site and the seller.

    Meghan M., February 2019

  • I had a great experience selling my dress! I appreciated the updates on when someone messaged me and the tips for how to improve my listing and sell it. I was happy that I was able to sell my dress and I hope the buyer enjoys it!

    Polly R., February 2019

  • I'm glad that I was introduced to this site. All of the features are easy to understand and straightforward. The messaging system is very organized! I was able to communicate with my buyers in a prompt manner because of the nifty alert system that you set up on your phone!

    Jenny K., February 2019

  • made selling my wedding dress such a seamless, stress-free experience! I sold my dress within weeks and had so many inquiries. I appreciate the authenticity of the site as I received no scam messages, only serious inquiries. I was certainly pleasantly surprised with how fast and easy it was to sell my dress. Already recommending the site to friends!

    Ania G., February 2019

  • As a buyer, I found my dream dress in great condition for half the cost of retail price. As a seller, it was very easy to create a listing, communicate with brides, and receive payment. I would highly, highly recommend selling and buying your wedding dress on!

    Ann A., February 2019

  • Easy Quick Perfect. Those are what the word that describe my experience using I LOVE you guys!!!

    Shannon B., February 2019

  • I found my Dream Dress on and I couldn't be more thankful. I tried on a $2,200 Dress that I would never be able to afford and then found it on this site for half the price! I couldn't be more ecstatic! Thank you!

    Lynzee C., February 2019

  • Selling the dress was an amazingly easy and painfree process.  I don’t think I could have sold it without POWD. What a wonderful format to offer folks. Thank you! Carol B.

    Carol B., February 2019

  • Very easy to use, great way to communicate with protential customers and very inexpensive.

    Debbie T., February 2019

  •  I like how easy it is to use the site and that it actually works. I was getting tired of so many dresses in my closet.

    Rachel F., February 2019

  • Preowned Wedding Dresses has opened up the opportunity to sell my dresses to buyers outside my living area. This helps sell the dress to brides who may be in need of a dress that our brides are not looking for.

    Rachel W., February 2019

  • Was able to sell fairly quickly. Great site!

    Courtney B., February 2019

  • Easy and quick to use interface made creating a listing a no brainer! 

    Jen W., February 2019

  • An easy and professional experience for the buyer and seller!

    Albina B., February 2019

  • I really enjoyed how easy it was to sell my bridesmaid dress and will definitely be selling more on this site! 

    Heather W., February 2019

  • It was beyond simple to sell my dress on I loved the experience and will for sure use this in the future!

    Ashley R., February 2019

  • Selling my dress was easy on this site. Happy seller and I know the buyer was thrilled as well! 

    Kali K., February 2019

  •  Selling your wedding dress can be such a personal experience, but preowned wedding dresses makes the process easy and enjoyable. With attention to detail and easy to use interaction tools for interested buyers, I found that using this site was a breeze. I’m so happy to share my dress and make another bride happy on her big day. Thanks Preowned!

    Michelle F., February 2019

  • The site and my post received a lot of views. I was surprised how quickly I received inquiries! Overall, the sale went smoothly. Would recommend to others looking to sell their wedding dress!

    Angela K., February 2019

  • Pre-owned made it possible to sell my gown in under 5 months from my listing date! I had been trying to sell on Facebook for 6 months prior to trying this site. It also made it possible for the buyer to get her dream dress for hundreds of dollars less than retail; Thumbs up for everyone involved!

    Krista K., February 2019

  • It was very simple to list my dress and interact with buyers, as well as complete the transaction. The email communications were really simple. Such an amazing way to save brides hundreds of dollars!

    Tiffany C., February 2019

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