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Your Salon + Our Marketplace = <3

Imagine being able to reach more brides, bridesmaids, and customers, along with a team behind you focused on helping you sell more, all with a reasonable and predictable cost. You’ve just found it!

We’ve built our marketplaces to empower salons like yours to reach brides all over the world. Every month, more than 500 brides buy their dresses from us and hundreds of thousands more browse our listings.

We’re a platform empowering bridal entrepreneurs to grow their business. Join us.

Why Sell on PreOwned?

Bulk Listing Creation

List one dress, or list twenty! Our sellers tools make it easy to manage inventory.


We cover the payment processing fees! Plus, a small listing fee and a low commission rate mean you keep more profit.

Marketing Built-In!

Our team drives hundreds of thousands of brides to our website every month via Google, social media, and paid ads! Think of us as your built-in marketing team.

Convenient Seller Support

Our team manages payments, simplifies shipping, and helps resolve conflict between buyers and sellers.

Build Your Ecommerce Storefront on PreOwned

The Easiest Way to Sell Online

Brides all over North America are increasingly shopping for their dresses online. Partnering with PreOwned will help put your inventory in front of hundreds of thousands of brides.

Our team works hard to make sure that brides find us no matter where they’re looking - Google, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and more. From SEO to shipping labels, partnering with PreOwned is like pushing the easy busson!

Salons are given their own dedicated landing page, complete with inventory feeds, filters, and more.

PreOwned Multiple Lister Program

Typically, the cost to list is $25 per wedding dress and $5 per all other dresses and accessories. Bridal salons participating in PreOwnedWeddingDresses’ Multiple Lister Program keep 85% of the sale proceeds instead of 80% and their listing fee pricing automatically starts at:

40% off regular wedding dress listing fee and this discount increases dramatically as the number of listings increases.

50% off regular listing fee for everything else (bridesmaids, mother's gowns, flower girl dresses, and wedding accessories). Pay a flat rate of $2.49 each.

Discounts are available when listing five or more items - contact our support team to learn how you can join our program!

# of Listings
Fee Per Listing

Four Reasons Why You’ll Love Selling on PreOwned


Quick & Simple Registration

Only have a few dresses to sell? Create a free account, upload your dresses, and set your listings live! Have 5 or more dresses to sell? Create a free account and open a ticket. Our customer service team will finalize your account and get you selling - fast!


Simplified Communication, Payments, & Shipping

Buyers and sellers are given discounted shipping labels to take the guesswork out of shipping, saving shipping costs and eliminating headaches. We protect both parties by managing payment and integrating chat functionalities directly inside our marketplace, providing buyers and sellers a convenient and secure way to transact.


We Help You Sell

We are constantly investing in ways to drive traffic to our listings, including building strategic partnerships with reputable bridal influencers and bloggers. Our investments in marketing ensure our dresses sell… fast!


85% Margins

Say goodbye to wishy-washy marketing budgets with unpredictable costs. At just $15 (to start) + 15% commission per listing, our simple fee structure is among the most competitive and predictable in the industry.

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